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EU Matters.ie - Information about Ireland's membership of the EU

About eumatters.ie

Welcome to eumatters.ie


eumatters.ie is a Department of Foreign Affairs website which provides you with factual information about Ireland’ s membership of the European Union. It's part of our Communicating Europe Initiative which has been in place since 1995.

We hope that eumatters.ie helps explain Ireland’s part in the EU and how we are working together with our EU partners to tackle the big issues facing ordinary communities in these changing times.

eumatters.ie contains information about what being part of the EU means in practical terms for Irish students, for parents, farmers, business people and workers. 

We also try to show you how the different EU bodies work together with the 27 member states to reach decisions on major challenges like tackling unemployment, crime and the economic recession.

And, looking beyond our shores, we look at how, as part of the EU, Ireland's voice is heard on issues like development aid, peacekeeping, conflict resolution and human rights.

The best way for us to improve this website is by receiving your comments. If you do have any feedback, please do send it to us at eumatters@dfa.ie

eumatters.ie is our contribution to a factual debate about Ireland's membership of the European Union.

We hope you enjoy it!

The eumatters team