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EU Matters.ie - Information about Ireland's membership of the EU

About the EU

 What does the EU stand for and why was it founded? Why and how did Ireland become a member? We look at the benefits of membership and the role Irish people have played in the modern EU. We also look at who does what in the EU and how decisions are made at EU level.

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Why was the EU founded?

The overall aim of the EEC/EU, since its foundation in 1958, is to promote peace; the values of human rights; democracy; equality; the rule of law; and...

Why did we want to join?

We "fully share the ideals ... acceptthe aims of the community .... as well as the action proposed to achieve those aims" - An Taoiseach, Seán...

What difference has membership made?

As a member of the EU, Irelandbelongs to the largest economic and political union in the world. Irish businesses have full access to the EU's Internal...

Ireland's contribution to the EU

Since joining, Ireland has been an active member of the EU. Along with the other Member States, we have played a full and engaged part in all the discussions...

How does the EU work?

The EU works by finding agreements.

How EU laws are made

This section explores the processes involved in the making and implementation of EU laws and the roles of the various bodies involved. EU legislation begins...