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EU Matters.ie - Information about Ireland's membership of the EU

The EU & You

In this section, we look at how Ireland's EU membership affects the daily lives and experiences of Irish people. Read about how EU matters affect your life if you're a worker; a student; a parent; a woman; a business person; a farmer; a shopper; a tourist; or a patient.


EU membership ensures workers' rights are protected andprovides investment to improve job opportunities.


As a result of EU membership, Irish students can study in another Member State through the Erasmus programme.


Ireland (and the other EU member states) are responsible for their own healthcare systems. However, the member states also work together for the benefit...


It may be hard for many Irish women to imagine an Ireland where the very fact of their gender meant that women were paid less than men for doing exactly...

Business People

As a business person, particularly now, you need to know there is someone in your corner. At this time of global economic crisis, we would be in a much...

Farmers & Agri-Business

Irish farming and agriculture is mainly influenced by the EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP). It isn’t the jazziest of titles, but it’s an...


More options, more protection and more rights for Shoppers!


Everyone loves going on holidays. And the EU makes holidaying in Europe even easier!


Each EU member state looks after its own health system. But we also all work together on major issues which none of us would be able to deal with on our...